Surfboards Sunshine Coast

Surfboards Sunshine Coast


After a great new or secondhand surfboard? If so be sure to checkout the Surf Shop Peregian Beach. Stocking a great range of surf and hardware the Surf Shop at Peregian Beach has all the write equipment too see you surfing in style.

Peregian Beach is known for it’s Village atmosphere and pristine beach with all the benefits of the National Parks surrounding has to offer, and is the holiday destination that is first booked out, and one that the visitors are reluctant to leave. The precinct has a specialty Surf-Shop, and is highly visible on the David Low Way frontage of the Peregian round-about.


Surfboards Sunshine Coast

Peregian Beach Surf-Shop is committed to their customers by providing them with quality brand choices of Surf Accessories, Surfboards and a large range of famous surf brands in clothing apparel like Roxy, Quiksilver, O’Neill, Volcom , Hive, Sunny Girl, and other new brands as they become available. Surf wear is the popular style of casual clothing that is inspired by the surf culture.

Anywhere from beginners soft surfboards to Hi performance Malibus and shortboards.Here are a couple of Klips for your enjoyment on a variety of Surfboards Sunshine Coast boards that the team at Surf Shop stock. 

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