Surf Coaching

Surf Coaching

Ross Phillips is known all around the world for being the one too see if you are serious about learning to surf. Ross is the Founder or Tropic Surf, offering luxury surfing adventures in some of the most beautiful, ocean surrounded landscapes on the planet. The beautiful Maldives being one of them. Ross has inspired many to surf and live a lifestyle filled with surfing adventure.

Surf coaching

If you have ever wanted to learn how to surf better then some experienced surf coaching from Ross Phillips can rapidly advance your surfing skills and performance level. Ross describes his coaching journey as one that involved somewhat of an enlightening experience on a trip to hawaii in his younger years and now Ross shares his stoke and passion with many aspiring surfers from all around the world.

Surf Coaching

Surf Coaching

Surf coaching

Ross loves soaking up the thrills, spills and accompanying camaraderie with his guests and students and describes it as way more fun than surfing all alone. Ross has a driving passion in seeing both first time surfers and advanced surfers surf better. Surf Coaching is essential to develop your surfing ability no matter where you are at in your surfing development. So for a great surf coach with loads of experience check out the Ross Phillips coaching blog.

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