Organic Food Sunshine Coast

Organic Food Sunshine Coast

If your’e an Organic food fan and reside on the Sunshine Coast then you must try the food at Organika. Organika have a great passion in bringing organic foods to the Sunshine Coast. They have the best range and variety of organics, not only here on the coast, but in Australia. Sourcing organic foods and many other organic products that you may of never seen before. Organika are always on the look-out for new and exciting products. Gone are the days that organics are boring and just for your health. There are so many products available at Organika that will take pride of place in your pantry.

Organic Food Sunshine Coast

Organic Food Sunshine Coast

Organic Food sunshine Coast

Organika is a certified organic retailer, and they are extremely passionate about the products they offer in store. Being a certified organic food retailer means added trust for you, the consumer. How do you really know if it’s organic? They may say spray free. How do you know the farm or neighbour next door isn’t spraying? As a certified organic product these farms and producers are audited annually to make sure no chemicals are used. As a certified organic retailer, Organika are also audited annually by the ACO, to make sure they are checking all of their organic products.

Organic Food Sunshine Coast

In the words of Organika: “Organic food has many wonderful properties. The obvious one being that it is produced with no chemicals, but this is one of many. Another great point is that there is a lot of work that goes into conditioning the soil. This brings with it a product that is higher in minerals and vitamins. A recent study in the UK, said that organic milk had up to 80% more antioxidants than non-organic milk. The other wonderful aspect to organic food is that the farmers are getting a fair price for the food that they grow. In a country of big corporate supermarkets that drive the price down on Aussie farmers, organics gives back to these immensely important figures in our community. It’s like fairtrade, but in our own back yard. What would we do when all the farmers are gone”?? So if you value your health and want to start feeding your belyy organically then go to Organika.

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